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Archives: November 2017

  • Cos_Helmut_16-23Nov2017_08 28 November 2017

    Cosmoledo Atoll Fishing News (16 – 23 November 2017)

    For the first time since the start of the season the tidal movements moved into the spring phase with water pushing through the channels like a river flowing to the sea. Our new arrivals knew exactly what they were in for with numerous returning guests who had ...

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  • Al_11-18Nov2017_Matthew Solon _02 28 November 2017

    Alphonse Island Fishing News (11 – 18 November 2017)

    The long awaited arrival of eight brand new, custom built, East Cape Evo skiffs was greeted by picture postcard days of calm seas and light winds. The neap tide cycle was allowing perfect conditions for targeting Triggerfish on the fingers, and with a few more GTs being ...

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  • Co_Cameron Musgrave_9-16 Nov 2017_10 22 November 2017

    Cosmoledo Atoll Fishing News (9 – 16 November 2017)

    The highly anticipated opening week of the 2017/2018 Cosmo season is finally upon us. This week saw the return of good friends and clients to the Alphonse fishing family, Vladimir R and his crew. Although Cosmoledo is well regarded as the GT Capital of the World, this ...

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  • Al_Anderw Bowen_ 4-11 Nov 2017_01 22 November 2017

    Alphonse Island Fishing News (3 – 10 November 2017)

    The long awaited Thomas & Thomas hosted week finally arrived, setting the tone for a fun week of comradery and exceptional fishing. All anglers were equipped and had only one goal in mind, have lots of fun and catch whatever swims. The “Holy Grail” was one of ...

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  • Brandon Poole Milk Fish 10 (03-10 December 2016) Brandon Poole Milk FishDSC_0451_ 21 November 2017

    Milkfish – Chanos chanos – Bangus

    When it comes to a proper fight on the fly, one would naturally think of GTs, Sailfish and Barracuda. You wouldn’t necessarily think of a big-eyed algae-feeder being much of a challenge. But the silvery Milkfish has proven to be quite the feisty fighters when targeted. Let’s ...

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  • Al_28Oct-3Nov2017_Matt_02 15 November 2017

    Alphonse Island Fishing News (28 October – 4 November 2017)

    It’s always a pleasure sharing the water with return fishermen, but even better making new friends on the water. Challenging conditions and low light made it difficult to reach every goal, but with such a diverse fishery and a group of eight-experienced fisherman, the results spoke for ...

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