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Archives: 2018

  • cosmo-gt-flyfishing 27 December 2018

    Cosmoledo Atoll Fishing News – The Land of the Giants!

    Fly Fishing Season 2018 | 06th - 13th December | 17th - 24th December The new moon spring tides were in full flow for the week. The first few days of the week were wet and windy but as the week wore on the weather made a ...

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  • Seychelles
Astove atoll 11 December 2018

    Shilton Reels

    Any fisherman worth their salt has dreamed about tackling the remote waters of the Seychelles and has his/her eye on one of the 39 most legendary fish to catch on the fly. A number of these saltwater devils can be found in the isolated waters of the ...

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  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 11 December 2018

    Astove Atoll Fishing News – Bonefish! The order of the Day!

    Fly Fishing Season 2018 | 3rd - 10th December Bristling with anticipation and keen to build on the success of the previous week a full house of six rods came to Astove for the fourth week of the season. With the neap tides moving into springs fresh ...

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  • seychelles-alphonse-flyfishing-gianttrevally 10 December 2018

    Alphonse Island Fishing News – Feisty Giant Trevally’s!

    Fly Fishing Season 2018 | 1st - 8th December  The weather on Alphonse Island was challenging from day one with daily rain showers and gusty winds, yet despite the tough weather, the guests were out every day giving it there all. Bones being the target for the ...

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  • seychelles-amani-permitfish-flyfishing 8 December 2018

    Amirantes Charters Fishing News – The first Amani Charter of the Season!

    Fly Fishing Season 2018 | 26th November - 06th December  As the Alphonse Fishing Co. season progresses and the seasons change to almost a full NW monsoon, one of the more unique trips for the season began. With the Flat sea conditions and soft wind the 10-day ...

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  • Seychelles-Giant-Treavlly- Astove-Fly-Fishing 5 December 2018

    Astove Atoll Fishing News – GT Madness!

    Fly Fishing Season 2018 | 26th November - 03rd December  For the start of the week the strong Easterly wind from the previous week persisted but by day three the conditions subsided and gave way to calm balmy conditions. As tides move from springs to neaps this ...

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