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Alphonse Fishing Company.

The most experienced team in the Seychelles.

Choosing the right fishing operator can make or break your angling fishing experience. You need a team that is highly experienced, highly skilled and highly informed about local conditions.

Alphonse Fishing Company, with more years of experience on the outer islands than any other organisation, fills all three of these needs. You can rest assured that you’re at the best fishing spots, during the best times of the year, and under the watchful eyes of the world’s finest fly fishing guides and captains.

We also have 38 purpose-built boats of various sizes that play a vital part in accessing the fishing areas.

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Keith Rose-Innes

Keith, our Managing Director, oversees all Alphonse Fishing Company destinations. His management and guiding portfolio extends through 22 countries and includes 18 years exploring, pioneering, promoting and establishing the remote atolls of the Seychelles firmly in the world fly fishing calendar.

Keith is one of the world’s most respected and high-profile fishermen. With a wealth of experience and knowledge in fly fishing, Keith has been at the forefront of finding and exploring the world’s best fishing spots. He has also published numerous books and articles on fly fishing.

Devan van der merwe

Devan has 15 years of guiding experience that extends to numerous different countries. He is a veteran when it comes to Seychelles flyfishing with 9 years of developing and managing the best saltwater guide team on the planet. Devan heads up 26 professional guides, captains and deckhands and runs a fleet of 48 vessels designed to work in the most logistically challenging environments. First and foremost to Devan in the successful management of these World Class destinations are sustainability, conservation and life-changing fishing experiences, creating memories which will last a lifetime.

Our Team

Enjoy the best fishing destinations during the best time of the year, and with assistance from the world’s finest fly fishing guides and captains. We are proud to enjoy the services of a highly skilled and experienced team. With extensive local knowledge of the best spots and fishing conditions in the Seychelles, our 36 guides, captains, deckhands and managers are well-positioned to ensure you get the very best from your fishing experience.

Crew Profiles

Our crew is knowledgeable and highly experienced. They are all on hand to help you get the most out of your fishing trip.

Keith Rose-Innes

Group Director

His management and guiding portfolio extends through 22 countries and includes 18 years exploring, pioneering, promoting and establishing the remote atolls of the Seychelles firmly in the world’s fly fishing consciousness.


Devan van der Merwe

Group Fishing Manager

Devan has 12 years guiding experience that extends through numerous countries in Africa. His is a veteran when it comes to Seychelles fly-fishing with seven years at Alphonse Island as head guide and hotel manager.


Wayne Haselau


A legend with 15 years’ guiding experience at Alphonse Island, Wayne developed the fly and techniques to catch milkfish. He has been at the forefront of pioneering many of the fly-caught Seychelles species.


Cameron Musgrave

Astove Head Guide

Cameron has five years’ guiding experience throughout the outer atolls of the Seychelles. He is the head guide at Astove Atoll Lodge and has helped elevate the destination into the world’s fly-fishing consciousness.


Alex Quatre


A solid all-round guide with five years’ flats guiding experience at Alphonse Island and Astove. He is known as a specialist when it comes to several of the tailing species that are found on the Seychelles flats.


Alec Gerbec

Alphonse Head Guide

Alec has eleven years’ guiding experience, with ten of those years spent in Alaska. He is an incredible flytyer and has represented the USA in fly-fishing at the World Fly-fishing Championships.


Joaquin Arocena

Cosmoledo Head Guide

Joaquin has eight years’ experience at managing and pioneering numerous fly-fishing destinations worldwide. His portfolio extends from the jungle in Bolivia to Russia, with six years’ experience in the Seychelles.


James Christmas


James has seven years’ guiding experience at Alphonse Island as well as numerous destinations on the African continent. His explorations have spread as far as New Zealand and Aitutaki in the Cook Islands.


Serge Samson


Serge is the most respected and experienced Seychellois flyfishing guide in the Seychelles. His 15 years’ guiding at Alphonse Island has seen him pioneer and name most of the famous spots on St. Francois Atoll.


Wesley Rapson

Desroches Fishing Manager

Wesley is an experienced bluewater captain and guide with five years’ fishing various atolls in the Seychelles both on and off the flats. He is currently the fishing manager at Desroches Island.


Yousuf Shaikh


Yousuf has five years’ guiding on Alphonse Island and is famous for being the world’s first-ever Bangladeshi fly-fishing guide. He has spent 12 years on Alphonse and has a reputation that supports his incredible success.


Jako Lucas


Globally recognized in film, Jako has accumulated five film awards for various features. He has eight years’ guiding experience in the Seychelles as well as at various other destinations around the world.


Christiaan Pretorius


A specialized competition angler who has competed in seven World Flyfishing Championships hosted at various different countries around the globe. He has 5 years guiding experience in the Seychelles.


Scot De Bruyn


Scot has 12 years’ guiding experience at various destinations in Africa and as far away as Norway. He has seven years’ guiding experience in the Seychelles where he spent four seasons at Alphonse Island.


Dave Marshall


An extremely passionate salt and freshwater fly-angler with a season of guiding at Alphonse Island under his belt. His lengthy fly-fishing experience and hard work makes him a valued team member.


Kyle Reed


With four years’ guiding experience throughout Africa, which includes three years’ experience at various outer islands in the Seychelles, Kyle is thorough and professional with a vast knowledge of African fisheries.


Kyle Simpson

Guide & Captain

Kyle is an experienced bluewater captain and guide with five years’ fishing experience on various atolls in the Seychelles, both on and off the flats.


Llewellyn Claven


Llewellyn is a well-traveled guide with seven years’ guiding experience that ranges from the outer atolls of the Seychelles all the way to Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina.


Shaun Jacobs

Guide & Captain

A well-respected international captain with 16 years’ competitive bluewater angling experience. Shaun holds the Alphonse Island record for most fly caught sailfish in a season.


Stuart Webb


An electrical engineer by trade, Stuart manages the Alphonse Island fleet of boats. He is a talented guide with two years’ guiding experience at both Alphonse Island as well as in Africa.


Geoff Labrosse


Geoff has six years’ experience at Alphonse Island and is fast becoming known by international clientele as one of the up and coming deckhands in the Seychelles.


Oliver Thomson


Oliver has six years’ guiding experience on some of the most remote and exclusive rivers on the planet such as the Rio Grande in Argentina and the Ponoi in Russia.


Brandon Poole


Brandon has two seasons guiding at Desroches, Poivre, St. Joseph and Alphonse. Coming from a legendary fishing family, he has been actively involved in saltwater fishing his entire life.


Lindsay Alain Baker


An experienced skipper with a captain’s license catering for vessels up to 200 gross ton. His knowledge of boating and the Seychelles’ waters makes him an attribute to the Desroches Island team.


Rodel Reintegrado


Rodel has five years’ experience as a deckhand in the Seychelles. His knowledge of all aspects of fishing makes him a valuable part of the team.


Rudolf Lubbe


Rudi has completed his first season at Alphonse Island where he has trained as a deckhand and continues to train as a guide.


Mervyn Vel


Following his passion, Mervyn is fast becoming a great bluewater deckhand. His hard work and willingness to learn gives him a huge edge to becoming one of the better deckhands around.


Tom Hradecky


Tommi has been fishing Alphonse Island and various other outer atolls for nine years. He has a vast fly-fishing knowledge which will help in his first season as an intern guide.


George Carino

Marine Mechanic

George has been a boating marine maintenance manager on Desroches Island for the past three years. His attention to detail ensures that our fleet of boats is impeccably maintained.


Jordyn Kate Mackenzie

Reservations & Operations

Having numerous years’ experience in the hospitality industry, Jordyn is the central hub of the organization. Jordyn ensures our guests have an amazing trip and that their arrangements are seamless.


Scott Mitchell

Procurement & Logistics

Scott’s strong background in procurement and training in the hospitality makes him the perfect manager when it comes to procurement and logistics for the difficult outer atolls.