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Astove Atoll Fishing News – 26 February – 5 March 2018 – Meter Plus GT’s.

giant-trevally-fly-fishing-astove 19 March 2018
Full moon spring tides this week at Astove Atoll drove ice cold water onto the flats and flooded the lagoon at an impressive rate. The contrast between the dark clouds and turquoise waters made for awe-inspiring scenes. With challenging weather conditions looming and massive tides, the scene was set for an eventful and exciting week on the flats. Watching the clouds form and build on the horizon is something truly incredible, witnessing and feeling the air temperature drop, wind direction change and the wall of cloud approaching really adds to the dramatic landscape of Astove. Even with the wind, rain, and clouds this week, Astove provided some incredible experiences for all our guests. 
Hannu Stockell and Teemu Juutinen having traveled all the way from Finland were excited to finally get a chance to put a brush fly in front of a GT. Teemu and Hannu got to experience some exceptional fishing this week. They closed their week off with 23 GT’s respectively, some great bonefish and also a flats slam for Hannu. Their last day produced 14 GT’s, seven each, all of this happened in complete tropical storm conditions. Huge storm surf on the beach and casting into the teeth of the wind. 
Pete Tandy finished his week as our Giant Trevally Champion. Two GT’s this week broke the 100cm mark and both of these fish were handled by Pete. On the second last day, just before the storm, Pete got his fly in front of a 115cm GT in the surf zone. After an epic battle, the fish was tailed in the shore break and Pete was left with a photograph and an experience that will last forever. 
Long time fishing buddies Jim Conrad and Bill Powell joined us this season for their second trip to Astove. One particular day of their week stands out. The scene included a sky filled with thunder and dark clouds, the surf zone eerily calm with not a breath of wind creating an ideal dynamic to see menacing GT’s cruising the flat with half their backs out the water. This remarkable scene was finished off with Bill and Jim both hooking into GT’s at the same time and landing seven GT’s between them. 
Thunder, lightning, big surf, howling winds, massive tides and the Astove environment were all against our guests this week. The guests took on the elements with an incredible level of optimism and this paid off by the end. Closing our week off with 42 GT’s, all except three were caught on the flats. Three Moustache triggerfish and 143 Bonefish. In the conditions that we were dealt this week these are truly impressive numbers.
GT’s : 42 – 102cm – 115cm
Moustache Triggerfish – 3
Bonefish – 143