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  • 15 October 2019

    ALPHONSE ISLAND FISHING NEWS – Angler Catches Four Of Big Five Fish Species

    Alphonse Island Fishing News | 05 - 12 October 2019 Week three of the season started with variable weather conditions and calm flat seas. Neap tides gave the anglers the opportunity to fish mainly on the white sand flats looking for rays, sharks and the treasures that followed. ...

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  • 9 October 2019

    ALPHONSE ISLAND FISHING NEWS – 74 cm Bonefish Landed, As Well As Two Parrotfish!

    Alphonse Island Fishing News | 28th Sep - 05 Oct 2019  What a week it has been on Alphonse Island! It is our second week of the season and we have many more to come. We have three new guides that have joined our team and they are ...

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  • 5 October 2019

    FARQUHAR ATOLL FISHING NEWS – 36 GTs On Our Opening Week!

    Farquhar Atoll Fishing News  | 23rd Sep - 02nd Oct 2019 Our official 2019/2020 Farquhar season is in full swing and the guides were so excited to get stuck in! Although anglers were met with unsavory weather conditions, with team efforts and enthusiastic energy, our season kicked ...

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  • 1 October 2019

    ALPHONSE ISLAND FISHING NEWS – Opening Week Produces Outstanding Catch Numbers!

    Alphonse Island Fishing News | 21st - 28th September 2019 Wind speeds dropped as the Beechcraft landed with twelve very fortunate anglers to open the St. François fishery. The guides still had antifouling under their nails from prepping the fleet for the new season, but this was ...

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  • 27 August 2019

    Introducing Farquhar Atoll!

    Introducing Farquhar Atoll! [caption id="attachment_11439" align="alignright" width="300"] Bumphead parrotfish[/caption] Alphonse Fishing Company is extremely excited to offer trips to Farquhar Atoll,  the most Southerly atoll in the Seychelles chain of islands lying just over 700 km to the Southwest of the main island Mahe. Here guests can ...

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  • gt-seychelles-flyfishing 29 April 2019

    Alphonse Island Fishing News – 3 GTs over 100 cm!

    Alphonse Island Fishing Season | 20 - 27 April 2019  The presence of large weather systems during the opening days of Week 31 brought in rain and heavy winds. Fishermen, and guides alike, persevered through these initial bad weather days by concentrating mainly on Bonefish. As the weather ...

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