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  • Best Flies-Double-Giant-Trevally 11 February 2019

    The best flies to land Giant Trevally

    Targeting Giant Trevallies on the fly is not for the faint-hearted angler. They are fierce, big, aggressive and incredibly powerful, all of which are quite often completely underestimated by new anglers, but respected by novice and seasoned fishermen alike. Due to GTs being 100% carnivorous and even ...

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  • Best-Flies-Double-Bonefish 11 February 2019

    The Best Flies to Land Bonefish

    When you find yourself in one of the most prolific bone fisheries in the world, it is key to take advantage of the situation by using the best possible flies to land the biggest and best Bonefish. The reason why Bonefish are so common to target in ...

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  • Best-Flies-Permit 11 February 2019

    The Best Flies to Land Permit

    For most fly fishermen there is a special place reserved on their fishing bucket list for a certain golden specimen. Characterized by their golden-yellow fins and big black eyes, the Indo-Pacific Permit is the golden trophy we all strive for. They are well camouflaged with their silver, ...

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  • Best-Flies-Triggerfish-Moustache 11 February 2019

    The best flies to land Triggerfish

    It’s time to get Trigger-happy as we take a look at the best flies to target Triggerfish (on the fly). At Alphonse Fishing Co. there are 3 main species of Triggerfish that we target, namely the Yellow-Margin Triggerfish, Moustache Triggerfish and the Picasso Triggerfish. All 3 species ...

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  • Best-Flies-Milkfish 11 February 2019

    The Best Flies to Land Milkfish

    When it comes to targeting Milkfish on the fly, we can honestly say we know what we’re talking about as the origins of targeting this species on the fly stem back to Alphonse Island and the St. François lagoon where these techniques were first pioneered and developed. ...

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  • GT-Seychelles 10 February 2019

    Alphonse Island Fishing News | The Island Shows its Diversity!

    Alphonse Island Fly Fishing Season 2019 | 02 - 09 February  Anglers hosted by Ocean Active joined the Alphonse Fishing Co. team this week. Fishing remained consistent throughout the week, despite gusting wind conditions. A total of 13 giant trevallies were landed, with the two largest specimens both measuring 87 ...

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