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Fisherman's Diary

Find everything that you need to know in our Fly Fishing Blog. The discovery of new fishing spots as well as the news and views of our experienced guides and weather updates are important in making the most of your Seychelles fly fishing experience. This fly fishing blog will give you an up-to-date understanding of local fishing conditions and keep you informed of all the latest developments.

The Best Fly Fishing Blog in the Seychelles

  • seychelles-triggerfish-flyfishing 18 October 2018

    Alphonse Island Fishing News – Taming the tricky triggers

    Fly Fishing Season 2018 |  Week 3: 6 October - 13 October  The third week of the season at Alphonse Island, Seychelles was riddled with strong south-easterly winds and cloudy rain-filled skies, but this did not deter the team as it was spring tide, which allowed us ...

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  • Seychelles-Wrasse-Flyfishing 15 October 2018

    Fly Fishing Napoleon Wrasse at Cosmoledo

    By head guide - Cameron Musgrave We all come to fish the Islands in the hope of landing either a monster GT, Permit, Milkfish etc… but there are some species that are lesser known about to the average angler but highly sort after by the veterans that ...

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  • Seychelles-Flyfishing-Milkfish 11 October 2018

    Alphonse Island Fly Fishing News – The First Milkfish Of The Season

    Fly Fishing Season 2018 | Week 2: 29 September - 6 October  The second week of the season at Alphonse Island greeted us with neap tides, leaving lots of water for our anglers to play with. Having the neaps allowed us to stay on the flats almost ...

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  • seychelles-alphonse-permit-fish 1 October 2018

    Alphonse Island Fly Fishing News – A Great start to the Season!

    Fly-Fishing Season 2018 |  Week 1: 22nd – 29th September  The neap to spring tidal movement for the week afforded us great opportunity to target most of the anglers favoured quarry. The season began with some very familiar names on the cards, all of which new what ...

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  • Brandon Poole Milk Fish 10 (03-10 December 2016) Brandon Poole Milk FishDSC_0451_ 5 August 2018

    Milkfish – Chanos Chanos – Bangus | An Algea Feeding Fish

    by Sam Balderson Milkfish, Chanos Chanos, are one of the dream or perhaps nightmare fish for fly fishermen visiting Alphonse Island. Known as the fish of a thousand casts, just hooking a Milkfish is a major undertaking. Combine that with an incredible power to size ratio and spectacular ...

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  • cameron-mustagave-head-guide-cosmoledo-atoll 30 May 2018

    Reflections of the 2017-2018 Season on Cosmoledo

    By head guide - Cameron Musgrave Guests often ask me which island is my favourite island to guide on. It’s always a hard answer as I’ve fished on Farquhar, Desroches, St Josephs, Poivre, Alphonse, Astove and even Assumption. All of those islands and atolls each have their ...

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