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Fisherman's Diary

Find everything that you need to know in our Fly Fishing Blog. The discovery of new fishing spots as well as the news and views of our experienced guides and weather updates are important in making the most of your Seychelles fly fishing experience. This fly fishing blog will give you an up-to-date understanding of local fishing conditions and keep you informed of all the latest developments.

The Best Fly Fishing Blog in the Seychelles

  • juanchi-bonefish-bruce-10-10-17-december-2016 5 January 2017

    Alphonse Island Fishing News 10 – 17 December 2016 – Milks,Permit, Triggers and GT’s

    An Alphonse sunrise is one of the most spectacular sightings behold as the sun rises above an endless horizon, split by a white haze of surf, sand and blue ocean. The weather was mostly stable and the tides immense with some of the lowest drops this year. ...

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  • oliver-thompson-scenic-1217-24-december-2016qg2c2706 5 January 2017

    Alphonse Island Fishing News 17-24 December 2016

    The Alphonse festive season began with the run-up to Christmas, a packed house at the hotel and a full complement of anglers out on the flats. The entire extended family was together, big ‘flats lunches’, mega snorkels and beach rugby. This is what makes the festive season ...

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  • stuart-webb-indo-pecific-permit-3-21-28-november-201680 5 January 2017

    Astove Fishing News 21 – 28 November 2016 – Three Grand Slams

    This week saw Arno M from The Guides Company host a full group of experienced flats fly fisherman from South African. The week started off with slower neap tides and although there was minimal water movement the lagoon mouth produced some great sight fishing opportunities to GT’s ...

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  • joern-heiner-gt-2-14-21-november-2016_2 19 December 2016

    Astove Atoll Fishing News 14 – 21 November 2016

    The Astove team were thrilled to welcome some of our more regular fishing friends.  A formidable team full of good spirits and great fun, to say the least! Unfortunately, the first morning saw a large low-pressure system advance in from the East to make fishing extremely difficult for the first ...

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  • cosmoledo-indo-pecific-permit-401-08-december-2016img_6614 19 December 2016

    Cosmoledo Atoll Fishing News 1 – 8 December 2016

    The last week of 2016 at Cosmoledo could not have gone any better with flat calm seas and cloudless sky to start the week. It was smooth sailing for the group consisting of father and son team Toby and Gannon R hosted by Arno M, David H, Bill R, ...

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  • OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 19 December 2016

    Alphonse Island Fishing News 3 – 10 December 2016

    Seeing St Francois atoll for the first time usually makes a profound impression on all of our guests. As you enter the lagoon a vast array of sand and seagrass flats open up before you each one as enticing as the other. The unparalleled beauty of this ...

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