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Fisherman's Diary

Find everything that you need to know in our Fly Fishing Blog. The discovery of new fishing spots as well as the news and views of our experienced guides and weather updates are important in making the most of your Seychelles fly fishing experience. This fly fishing blog will give you an up-to-date understanding of local fishing conditions and keep you informed of all the latest developments.

The Best Fly Fishing Blog in the Seychelles

  • Capture56 31 May 2016

    F3TSA – The largest fly fishing cinema event now in South Africa

    Join the best Fly Fishermen in South Africa when Alphonse Fishing Company will be showcased at the annual F3TSA event from 18h00 – 21h30 on one of the 3 events in every major city in South Africa.  We have all the info you would need to book your ...

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  • alphonse-experience-fly-fishing-scenes-16 25 May 2016

    How to pack your flats backpack

    by Cameron Musgrave  I have witnessed countless guests over the years that have no clue on what to carry in their backpacks whilst on the flats. Some carry everything including the kitchen sink, while others at best might have a box half full of the wrong flies. ...

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  • alphonse-experience-fly-fishing-scenes-27 17 May 2016

    STEP BY STEP GUIDE for You to land a Sailfish on Fly!!!

    Over the years many methods have been hatched up to catch the Indo-Pacific Sailfish on fly fishing tackle. As a skipper I find that taking a back to basics route is by far the best way to target, hook and land a Sailfish. This will be your ...

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  • Will & Vicki Mitchell (Week 30) 16 - 23 April 2016000693 24 April 2016

    Fishing News Week 30: 16th – 23rd April 2016

    With only two weeks of the Alphonse fishing season remaining, a look back over the past 7 months reveal it has definitely been one to remember, with countless “never before” events taking place. Week 30 was certainly unusual with tropical cyclone Fantala (the most powerful cyclone ever ...

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  • Michael & David Brown at Alphonse & St. Francois Atolls (Week 29) 09 - 16 April_2016_2287 17 April 2016

    Fishing News Week 29: 9 – 16 April 2016

    Kicking the week off with a brand new moon and big tides meant lots of water movement and, in turn, ice cold water. This cleaned the atoll out and prepared us for the slower tides later in the week. With many guests being new to our fishery ...

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  • Tommy Hradecky, Alphonse 2016 (14) 10 April 2016

    Fishing News Week 28: 2nd – 9th April 2016

    Consistency is a funny thing; the wild is notoriously inconsistent in many respects. A guest of ours a few months ago said, “You know, there are two words that should never exist in any fisherman’s vocabulary; Always and Never…” This week however went on to push the ...

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