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Fisherman's Diary

Find everything that you need to know in our Fly Fishing Blog. The discovery of new fishing spots as well as the news and views of our experienced guides and weather updates are important in making the most of your Seychelles fly fishing experience. This fly fishing blog will give you an up-to-date understanding of local fishing conditions and keep you informed of all the latest developments.

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  • fishing-thumbnail-and-banner-week-07 14 November 2015

    Fishing News Week 7 : 7 – 14 November 2015

    The start of week 7 brought bad weather to Alphonse, with a tropical depression sitting over the islands on day one. The high winds and intense rain made for challenging fly fishing, however our guests were up to the task and the Alphonse flats delivered with a ...

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  • fishing-thumbnail-and-banner-week-06 6 November 2015

    fishing News Week 6: 31 October – 6 November 2015

    The start of week six brought us some spectacular weather and another full complement of familiar faces and experienced anglers. The tidal cycle looked fishy with large spring tides at the start and a slow neap cycle at the end of the week. Sunday started in true ...

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  • fishing-thumbnail-and-banner-week-05 31 October 2015

    Fishing News Week 5: 24 – 31 October 2015

    Our fifth week started and finished in the same fashion as most of the previous weeks so far this season, unseasonal cloudy weather, rain showers and a brisk wind continued to surround the Seychelles, enforcing that El Nino was here to stay. The water movements eased our ...

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  • fishing-thumbnail-and-banner-week-04 24 October 2015

    Fishing News Week 4 : 17-24 October 2015

    The fourth week of the season has come and gone with not much change in the weather for the first 3 days of the week. The South-Easter would not let up as a low pressure cell covered the entire Southern part of the Seychelles. The fishing however ...

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  • fishing-thumbnail-and-banner-week-03 17 October 2015

    Fishing News Week 3 : 10 – 17 Oct 2015

    As was the case over the last few weeks the testing weather continued to surround the Seychelles, bringing strong winds and cloudy conditions, to the extent that our 10 anglers had to spend 2 days fishing Alphonse. The lagoon was clean, cool and the tides where perfect ...

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  • fishing-thumbnail-and-banner-week-02 15 October 2015

    Fishing News Week 2 : 03 – 09 October 2015

    The South Easterly trade winds continue to blow, which made the last two weeks casting a little tricky. As they say, every cloud has a silver lining as the cooler winds kept the water temperatures down, which made for longer periods of incredible bonefishing and also enticed ...

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