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The Atoll

Poivre lies just short of 300km south of Mahé on the Eastern edge of the Amirantes Bank and is made up of two smaller islands, Poivre and Île du Sud. Separated by a shallow lagoon that extends all the way back to Ile du Sud during high tide, this Atoll offers both stunning flats as  well as one of the best game fishing areas around.

Another unique attribute of the Poivre Atoll, besides its geographical isolation and incredible access, is the area known as the Amirantes Trench. The sheer drop-off, which steps from 60 to 12000 meters in a matter of kilometres, lends itself to rich currents and an abundance of various fish species.


The Fishing

Poivre Atoll offers the best of both worlds with mind-blowing flats that will make any fly fishing enthusiast’s toes curl, right alongside thrilling Bluewater fishing targeting species like Sailfish, Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna and more. It is particularly well-known for its world-class species like bonefish, Indo-Pacific permit as well as the occasional giant trevally on the flats. One of the most famous parts of Poivre is an area called “The Kennels”, so called for the record-breaking sized Dogtooth Tuna one can target here, with the current record fish caught standing at 75 kgs. For the fly fisherman, this Atoll also offers incredible opportunities for targeting species like Bonefish, Indo-Pacific Permit and Giant Trevally on the flats.

The Facilities

A’mani is a newly refitted 54ft motor catamaran that caters to affordable combination fishing trips for small groups. She is stable, spacious and more importantly has a two meter draft that allows her to anchor in calm lea waters. A’mani offers two guest cabins with both double and single beds in them, two cabins with double beds and two bunk beds in the passage between cabins. There are two communal shower and toilets as well as an additional on-deck shower. All cabins and indoor areas are fully air conditioned, allowing guests a chance to relax after a long day’s fishing.