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Alphonse Island Fishing News – Triggerfish, GT’s and 424 Bonefish!

alphonse-fly-fishing-seychelles 16 April 2018

Strong winds, rain squalls, and poor visibility surrounded the St Francois anglers as the tides transitioned from neap to spring. Most anglers took to the white sand in search of rays and sharks with desired species following closely behind, which consistently proves to be a worthwhile tactic during periods of low light.

Bonefish were scattered early on but shoaled nicely near the end of the week creating a virtual grab bag of fish that could be hooked as fast as the angler could present the fly. Those who pursued GT found good numbers of fish ranging from 65-75cm mostly trailing rays and in channels during the initial movement of the pushing tide. The fish of the week was caught by Ryan Labberte, who successfully landed a 76cm GT off a ray while drifting out of Highway, while Murray Collins pulled a 75cm GT out of a rat pack on Fields of Gold.

During the breaks of sunshine, a tailing Moustache triggerfish was caught by Richard Bennet on Milky Way finger flat. Only a few guests ventured into the bluewater but they were rewarded with consistent action. Alexey Strulistov and Sofia Lavrova doubled up on Sailfish but only Sofia’s fish made it alongside, however, minutes later Alexey landed a sizeable Wahoo on fly. James, Angela, and Michael Bader experienced packs of sails and double ups but the sailfish were putting up a hell of a fight and just one made it to the boat to give young James his first ever Sailfish on fly.

Tight Lines from the Alphonse Fishing Co. team.


Bonefish – 424

GT – 7

Moustache Triggerfish – 1

Sailfish – 2

Wahoo – 1