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The best flies to land Giant Trevally

11 February 2019

Targeting giant trevallies on the fly is not for the faint-hearted angler. They are fierce, big, aggressive and incredibly powerful, all of which are quite often completely underestimated by new anglers, but respected by novice and seasoned fishermen alike.

Due to GTs being 100% carnivorous and even cannibalistic at times, they are prime targets with a fly rod. There are multiple fly patterns that will work when fishing for these fierce fish and most times if the fly is presented properly and stripped the correct way, it will get eaten.

If we had to choose 3 flies to put into our box, they would be the following:


 1. Black Brush Fly


Image: Best flies for GT’s – Black Brush Fly.

Our first choice would be a Black Brush Fly. This fly has probably taken down more GTs than any other fly that we use. The combination of adding a hint of purple, red or olive to the black brush fly also works really well. We often get asked by guests, “What fly works best?” and our reply is standard, “you can use any fly you want as long as it is a Black Brush fly!”



2. Olive And Red Semper


Image: Best flies for GT’s – Olive and Red Semper.

Our second choice would have to be an Olive and Red Semper Fly. This fly, like all Semper patterns, have an incredible movement in the water which makes them irresistible to any cruising GT. Both of the above mentioned flies are fished in the same way – long and fast as possible strips/retrieves need to take place.

Learn how to tie the Semper fly here.



3. NYAP Popper

Best flies for GT's - NYAP Popper

Image: Best flies for GT’s – NYAP Popper.

And last, but definitely not least would be a Popper. The Not Your Average Popper (NYAP) has revolutionized fishing for GTs with a Popper and is wildly effective. However, slightly more robust and traditional Popper patterns are becoming very popular as they create a greater disturbance on the water. In essence, though, they both have the same concept. Poppers are generally fished over deeper waters such as drifting on the skiff in the lagoons or casting into the channels as well as floating the outer shallow reef of the atolls. With their violent and water-disturbing effectiveness, they have the ability to draw fish from afar or from the depths.

Learn how to tie the NYAP fly here.



Image: Dream come true moment to this fly fisherman holding his giant trevally caught on a fly.

All of these flies along with any additional gear you might need is available on the islands. Alternatively, our guides are fully kitted to tie any flies that are perhaps not available.

These are our top fly choices for targeting Giant Trevally in our waters and beyond. So now that you’re geared with the best GT flies, you can tackle fly fishing for Giant Trevally with ease and finally land that giant you’ve had your eye on!



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