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The Fly Tying Station – How to tie the Wax Alphlexo Crab

21 August 2020

Fly Tying Lesson – How to tie the Wax Aphlexo Crab by Yousuf Shaikh

In this week’s episode of The Fly Tying Station, we have another original fly developed by Alphonse Fishing Co. guide, Yousuf Shaikh. This is an adaption of the famous Alphlexo fly and is just as effective as the original when it comes to targeting one of the most technical fish on the flats, namely the Indo-Pacific permit.

Having guided for Alphonse Fishing Co. for five years, Yousuf knows his way around the local waters and has therefore carefully crafted the Wax Alphlexo to enhance anglers’ change of landing the golden trophy of the flats.

The original Alphlexo is a hybrid that combines flies like the Flexo Crab, Orvice Crab, and various other flies. The main difference between these two flies is that the Wax Alphlexo has a softer presentation when casting at a fish, causing less disruption on the water and thus ensuring your permit does not get spooked.

You will always find the Wax Alphlexo in our fly box, not only to target permit but also to target other desirable species on the flats such as bonefish or triggerfish.


Fly Tying Video – How to tie the Wax Alphlexo by Yousuf Shaikh

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