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Force 12 – Alphonse Island

12 May 2017

“Game fish are too valuable to only be caught once.” – Lee Wulff

Columbia recently visited unique destinations with prime species where sustainable fishing is a key focus point. Among the exquisite locations were Alphonse Island in the Seychelles. With our feet planted firmly in the belief of utmost preservation of our species and ecosystems, Alphonse was a top choice by any standards.

“… What we’ve learnt is that here in the Seychelles is that the value of a fish is more alive than a dead fish. If you can preserve an area that’s worth way more than having an area that’s decimated.” – Keith Rose-Innes, Managing Director of Alphonse Island

As the pressures of commercial fishing, habitat encroachment and global warming increase, unique species found in these pristine destinations such as Triggerfish, Permits and Bonefish are proving to put up even more of a challenge as fishermen have to constantly keep up with the most innovative techniques and equipment to reel in their catch.


“… Because we’re having to run longer distances and really go at these fish in different ways, the gear allows us to be out there longer. … Staying lightweight and cool just kind of keeps you in the zone ’cause once your mind goes everything starts to fall apart.” – Capt. Brandon Cyr, Reel Shallow Charters

Here is where Columbia lends a hand with their new PFG Clothing Range to keep performance fisherman cool and level-headed to do what they love to do] best in a sustainable manner.

Tried and tested, the Columbia range #testedtough in top performance fishing destinations like Vietnam, Key West and Seychelles. Welcome to Force 12:

Do the right thing, the right way. Choose Columbia.

A big thank you goes out to Columbia for the opportunity to test out their their range , for showcasing Alphonse Island and above all for taking a step in the right direction by endorsing sustainable fishing.