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The Fly Tying Station – How To Tie The James’ Sand Prawn Fly

24 July 2020

Fly Tying Lesson – How To Tie The James’ Sand Prawn Fly by James Christmas

The Fly Tying Station is featuring another fly originally developed by Alphonse Fishing Co. guide, James Christmas. This week our fly tying guru goes into detail on how to tie the James’s sand prawn.

This fly was developed by James way back in 2011 to imitate a natural sand prawn that he found swimming at East Knoll on St. François Atoll. It has proven to be incredibly effective in targeting bonefish, triggerfish, and permit. All-in-all it’s one of our top flies when it comes to targeting multiple species in the Outer Islands of the Seychelles.

The reason why this fly is so effective is that it’s a very close representation of the natural organism. It is a nice, bright fly that draws the attention of multiple flat species from some distance away, and it can be fished by either retrieving it along the bottom or mid-water column. The big eyes are a dominant feature, acting as a great trigger to attract and entice fish to eat it. The mono loop with beads adds the popping sound a shrimp makes and will attract the fish even on the worst of casts!

This fly is so versatile that it will also allow you to target bluefin trevally, giant trevally, snapper and grouper, making this the one fly we cannot go without. That being said, our fly box won’t be complete without some other fly staples specifically designed to target multiple species at our various fly fishing destinations in the Outer Islands of the Seychelles.


Fly Tying Video – How To Tie The James’ Sand Prawn Fly by James Christmas


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