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Tag Archives: Did you know

  • cosmoledo-experience-fly-fishing-species-giant-trevally-15 11 September 2017

    Interesting facts about the Giant Trevally (GT)

    The wide open expanses of the Indian Ocean has allowed species here to grow abundant and fierce. None more so than the infamous Giant Trevally (GT). Known for their fighting spirit and sheer power, the GT is a sought-after catch, whether you are a new or seasoned ...

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  • cosmoledo-experience-fly-fishing-scenes-04 19 August 2016

    Did you know that GTs will eat their own kind?

    Us as fishermen here at Alphonse Island thought we might have seen just about everything! However, one of the most thrilling aspects of a fly fisherman’s journey are the unexpected surprises along the way. Spending months going out to sea to fly fish almost everyday contributes to ...

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